Toh Jun Hong, Odyssey Fitness Specialist, Rebecca Han, Odyssey Curriculum Manager and Stefanie Kua, Odyssey Centre Director came together to create a book, “We Are Best Friends Now!” to advocate how children with special needs/challenging behaviour should be given a voice and rights.

Synopsis of the book:

This is a two-way book based on the different perspectives of the 2 main characters – Triangle and Circle.  It can be read from the front or from the back, where it will present two different perspectives.

From the front, Triangle tells the story of how he didn’t seem to be able to adapt to school, as he is seen as different from the rest.  The story unfolds when they had to participate in Sports Day and how he helped his friend Circle, who previously did not like him.  From the back, Circle tells the story of how she didn’t like Triangle, as he is strange. Only when they participated in Sports Day, did Circle realise that Triangle, though strange, was willing to help him.  The story ended with them being the best of friends!   

Through the book, they hope to enable the readers to be more understanding and accommodating towards children who might seem different from the rest.

We are Best Friends Now!