27 July 2019 was a meaningful day for Odyssey Wilkinson team. The team extended their warmth, positivity, enthusiasm, care, affection and love to the elderly in the community. They spent their day together, visiting the Senior Activity Centre, Lions Befrienders @ Clementi.
They came together to organize an agenda to engage the eldery for the day. They led an wushu session with the elderly at the start of the session. They also prepared food  and planned some  art activities to engage them. They engraved different places of interest in Singapore and light physical activities for them to move around. They mingled, interacted and listened to the stories shared by the elderly.
The team expressed and shared their thoughts at the end of the session.
“It was a rare opportunity for the team get together and bond as we reached out to the elderly. We later realised that many of us, had never done any kind of volunteer work previously and that was their first time. We left with many heartfelt feelings and it was also a wonderful day to have fun with each other.” – Monica Wee, Centre Director of Wilkinson
They ended their day with a lot of meaningful memories, spending time to bond with their colleagues and the elderly.
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