‘A performance by the children, for the children’

Inspired by Stomp percussion group from the UK, the children were exposed to the different sounds quality (timbre), layers of sound (texture), types of sounds, dynamic (loud and soft), rhythm, melody and different types of harmony.

Through this project, the children also developed coordination and balance, as they are performing the music in a group as one, through the different roles: melody, harmony and rhythm. They practiced and reflected on their performance regularly to improve themselves, experiencing the real life process of a production.

Children discussed, brainstormed and decided on one place or object to explore. They worked on recreating the sounds  that represent the setting with different materials and instruments, such as oil barrels, ladders, metal pipes, pvc pipes, 5 gallon bottles, umbrella, glass bottles, sports equipment, app from iPad, “Drum Pad”, keyboard, drum kit, boom whackers, xylophones, kitchen utensils, and many more. They also used their voice creatively to perform sounds and performed in different harmony like a choir.

We are proud to share that Odyssey Senior-K 2019 will be presenting their performance  at Shine Auditorium, Shaw Tower on Saturday, 16 November and celebrating their journey in Odyssey through graduation ceremony.