2 Odyssey family made their exploratory trip to Reggio Emilia in April 2019 to immerse themselves in Reggio Emilia approach.

Stefanie Kua, from Odyssey de Loyang,  “The study trip to Reggio Emilia was indeed an experience that expanded my perspective as an educator. It was amazing to see the Reggio practices in action! I came back to Singapore extremely excited to share and implement new ideas.”

Sun Shi Juan, our Chinese Program Specialist, “It was an eye-opening to see how the Reggio philosophy draw professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and regions of the world. In Reggio Emillia Study Trip, I see how the childrens interest in the meaningful environments. I am inspired to think, to observe, to wonder, and to formulate and ponder questions to myself as an early childhood educator. The answers are different in every moment but permanently a part of the experience that makes my trip wonderful!”