Parent Involvement and Partnership
Parent Involvement and Partnership

Parents form an integral part of a successful early childhood education programme. Active participation in the school life of children has been proven to promote optimal learning outcomes for children. In Odyssey, parents are respected as unique individuals who have a special relationship, unique knowledge and understanding of the child. Recognizing this, the school engages parents as a valuable resource and active contributing members of the school.

Parental involvement, active home-school collaboration and networking have become platforms for supporting children in their early years development and promoting family interests in raising happy, healthy children at Odyssey.

Parent In Class
Parents In Class

At Odyssey, we acknowledge and appreciate that parents come with unique talents and skills that can be beneficial to children’s learning in and out of the classroom. Hence, we create engagement opportunities for parents to join us in the classroom, inviting them to have first-hand experience in the various ways that children learn, explore the world, and express themselves.

Through activities from simple story telling, to puppetry sessions, cooking demonstrations, show-and-tells or even just lending some muscle in a playhouse project; these are but some ways that parents in class contribute a different perspective, voice and experience for the children.

From the eyes of the children, seeing their parents involved in their classroom fills them with pride and appreciation for learning and the world. That is the ideal situation for learning, growing and bonding culture we practise in Odyssey.

Parents Support Group
Parents Support Group

We believe when a child joins Odyssey, his/her whole family becomes a part of our community. We recognise that parents are important partners in enriching children’s learning as we believe that parents know their child best. Every year, we provide opportunities for parents to participate in our campus events, projects, parent workshops and seminars. To facilitate and co-ordinate these, a special group known as the Parent Support Group (PSG@Odyssey) was formed.

Since Odyssey commenced in January 2008, we are indeed delighted to have very supportive parents as a part of our Odyssey family today. PSG@Odyssey is made up of dedicated parent volunteers, PSG Teacher Coordinator and the Centre Director. Meetings are held on a bi-monthly basis to co-ordinate events in the centre.

We warmly invite all parents to be a member of the dynamic team of parent volunteers today!