Colours of Odyssey is an artistic voyage charting the children’s journey as they ride the waves of their creative expressions and interpretations through the various art forms. The children’s art representations showcase the fundamental elements of art, techniques and the exploration of interdisciplinary skills during the process of work. Children are amazing.  They have the proclivity to create incredible things when they are given the tools, materials and means to be propelled by their imagination.

‘OPPOSITES’, our 9th Colours of Odyssey exhibition, celebrates the abundant opportunities of how children interpret their perception of the comparisons and contrasts in the rudiments of opposites they notice all around them; from nature, movement and emotions to spaces, time and people. ‘OPPOSITES’ acclaims the dichotomy of things that are at conflict with each other, yet interact in cohesion, harmony and beauty.

Odyssey celebrates collaborative partnerships with the community.  We support the work of Singapore Children’s Society, who has been our community partner since 2014.  Thus, the net proceeds from the entire sale of the art pieces will go towards the welfare of youth, children and families in need.