Odyssey offers customized and individualized home learning to ensure that there is a continuity of learning at home during the period of Circuit Breaker.

The key elements of the home learning programmme offer continuity of the teacher-child interactions to ensure the sustainability of relationships, and the transition to learning with peers in the home setting through the online platform for children.

Here are some pictures of the children in action: Odyssey at Home!

Pietra – Exploring with letter “T”

Hao Yi – Creating self portrait (Art Odyssey)

Matthew – Creating his self portrait “I am a Cowboy” (Art Odyssey)

Augustin – Participating Circle Time

Ms Lenny as the elephant during Live Streaming Lesson

Theo – Identifying the animals in Chinese

Ethan – Expressing music through actions and movements

Adalei – Exploring rhythm on the piano

Charlotte – Dancing according to the music

ChiaraMaking pinwheel sandwich

Zachary – Practice kicking during Fitness Odyssey

Ryan – Writing Numbers

Arav – Playing a game: Match numeral symbols

We thank all Odyssey parents for sending us these heart-whelming pictures of children in action at home!