Meet the Team

Odyssey is driven by a team of highly qualified and well-experienced early childhood educators that embodies Odyssey’s mission and core values. The highly effective teaching team in each of our classes comprises a Curriculum Specialist, a Chinese Language Teacher and an English-speaking teacher. All Curriculum Specialists are qualified, experienced educators with Bachelor Degrees in Preschool Education; and our teachers minimally hold a Diploma in Early Childhood education. At each of our campuses, you will be able to see how the teaching team applies innovation, warmth and creativity to help every child develop into a creative and confident learner.

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Collectively, the leadership team is accountable for the development, supervision and management of the Odyssey programme for children, teachers and parents. Special attention is given to the development and implementation of the Odyssey curriculum and pedagogy and creating conducive learning environments.

Leadership Team

Odyssey is unquestionably effective in promoting the optimal teacher-child interactions and facilitation of learning based on the low teacher-child ratio. Our nurturing and caring educators are committed to promoting personalised learning experiences centred on the individual child. The presence of a Chinese Language Teacher in the classes, strategically support the children's Chinese Language Immersion experiences.

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