ECDA’s Innovation Award is presented yearly to centres who promote creative ideas, innovative techniques and unique approaches to making learning exciting for the children.  These Innovation Awards celebrate culture and traditions, parent and community partnerships, as well as, the incorporation of issues that effect the children and the world around them.

Roti Prata and Roti Jala
Odyssey Fourth Avenue

This project stemmed from the provocation of what people eat for breakfast.  The children explored the different cuisine from different cultures that people indulge in in the mornings, from pancakes and kaya toast to Roti Prata and Roti Jala.  Real world topics, especially those that include culture and traditions are particularly important for children.  In Odyssey, Celebrating Diversity is not just about the different countries that people come from, but about the vibrant traditions that our motherland has to offer.  This award was a testament of the many ways that Odyssey nurtures a learning community that is built on understanding and respecting individuality and intercultural differences.  Everyone is different; everyone comes with one’s own traditions and backgrounds … these are what make us unique … that is what we celebrate in Odyssey.  Another factor for this win was the inclusion of the element of Kinderprenuership.  Through this, the children learn about setting up a business plan, financial management, profit and loss, as well as, establishing marketing and advertising avenues to promote their stall on Little Chef Day.

The K2 Exhibition
Odyssey Wilkinson

The crux of this award and why Wilkinson won this award, was the fact that this project was primarily driven by the children.  From the beginning of this project, the children took charge of the direction, the activities and ultimately, how they wanted to display their learning to the many visitors that came for the K2 Exhibition.  The project focused on the exploration of materials based on the IB Transdisciplinary Theme of ‘How the world works’ with the central idea of ‘Understanding the properties of the natural world helps us to know how we can use them’.  The children explored and displayed their findings of wood as they interacted with the visitors.  It just goes to show that when you believe in the capabilities and prowess of children, as seen in this project, they have the ability to construct their own knowledge and take the helm in their own learning.  Odyssey was recognised for our very belief of a culture of continuous innovation to promote early childhood education that is relevant to learning and living in the 21st century.