Developed to exceed international standards of early childhood education, Odyssey offers an award-winning curriculum specially aimed at exploratory and self-guided learning.

Beyond qualified teaching staff, we’ve invested in a team of specialists to supervise, tailor and curate unique learning experiences for every child, each handpicked and carefully screened to help children exceed personal milestones.

Meet the team behind the award-winning preschool this Open Day. 

10-11AM: THE ART OF INTELLIGENCE (As featured in Little magazine)

Learn how art can be a powerful method of learning in this interactive parent-child workshop. This session will involve your creativity and imagination to engage with materials like aluminium wires, clay, watercolour and paint to create 2D and 3D masterpieces. Limited slots available.

Enjoy waiver of registration fee if you enrol your child to start before April 2016. RSVP today.