Talent Exchange Programme is a yearly exclusive event at Busy Bees. Teachers from the worldwide campuses are selected to visit a host country and immerse in the teaching culture.

In 2019, sixteen individuals from Asia, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland were hosted in Brisbane, Australia with targeted projects like ‘Outdoor Environment’, ‘Mental Health in Young Children’ and ‘Exceptional Customer Service’.


Beatrice Lim, Curriculum Specialist from Odyssey Fourth Avenue Singapore was privileged to be on a Talent Exchange Programme for three weeks from October to November 2019.

“Insightful, enriching, and definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience” is what I would describe my trip. Other than visiting the local schools, I got to interact with colleagues from the UK, Canada and Asia where we heartily shared about our passion for inspiring young lives. It was an eye-opening experience to see how the curriculum and classroom environments differ based on our cultural background and educational philosophies. I am excited to share my knowledge with my team and implement what I have gained from this trip to our Singapore’s context.” – Beatrice Lim

Talent Exchange Programme is one of the avenue to support Odyssey’s mission, Continuous Professional Development, to continuously nurturing, promoting and developing the pedagogy of Odyssey’s pedagogues.

The immersion and experiences in the exchange programme inspire our pedagogues to optimize the children’s development and learning.

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