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Early Years


18 months – 2.5 years
3 years

Nursery 1:
18 months – 30 months
2.5 – 3 years
2.5 – 3 years old and above

Early Years programme promotes age-appropriate, holistic development focusing on children’s communication and language skills, creative expressions, as well as physical, social and personal competencies.

Skills, concepts and content development are implemented in age and developmentally-appropriate ways through emergent play situations. Through this, children get to make sense of the things and people around them, investigate the world, and engage in active social interaction. It ensures a smooth transition to the more structured and skills-driven learning expectations of the preschool years.

Early Years Curriculum (ages: 18 months to 3 years)
Early Years Curriculum
(ages: 18 months to 3 years)

The Early Years Curriculum is largely unstructured and occurs in the contexts of emergent and multi-sensory experiences, encouraging children’s curiosity, discovery, imagination and creative expression. Curriculum is designed with the developmental milestones and characteristics of children of this age group in mind.

The open-ended nature of the early years experiences ensure a holistic development that lays the foundation for later years learning.

Story-based experiences that integrate language and math complemented by extensions into gross motor activities, Little Chef, Outdoor Learning Experiences (OLE) and Emotional Cultural Quotient (ECQ).

Art Odyssey
Art experiences offer children concrete experiences in exploring elements of art and experimenting with a variety of art techniques and media.

Chinese Language Immersion
Chinese story stretchers experiences integrate language learning focusing on listening and speaking skills, with extensions into gross motor activities, Little Chef, Outdoor learning Experiences (OLE) and Emotional Cultural Quotient  (ECQ) experiences.

Exploratory and multisensory learning incorporating Busy Hands and Practical life skills activities integrating math concept, letters and letter sounds, Chinese Phonics, vocabulary and early reading experiences.

Project Work
Working in groups, children undertake project inquiry to investigate various topics of interests.

Creative Play
Creative construction, socio-dramatic, cognitive and manipulative play that engage children in creative, social and physical play while providing a platform for communication, collaboration, creative thinking and problem solving.

Music Odyssey
Offers children concrete experiences in exploring and experiencing music through rhythm, listening, playing with instruments, creating music, singing and performing.