Bambino Odyssey

Bambino Odyssey


8 to 17 months old

Bambino: 8 to 17 months old

Our Reggio-Emilia inspired infant programme at Wilkinson and Fourth Avenue campuses emphasises on language, movement and relationships during the sensitive ages of 0 to 3. We believe that infants who are nurtured in a conducive and encouraging environment have the ability to hone their sensory-motor development, cognition, language and social-emotional competencies. Missing this sensitive period of learning could result in a more difficult and less successful time picking up these skills later in life.

This emphasis embodies the importance of responding to babies’ verbal cues and actions, encouraging their efforts to move and explore the sight, sounds, taste, smell and touch, rather than restricting or interfering with these biological processes.

The Bambino Experience
The Bambino Experience

With a focus on total brain learning, the infant curriculum will revolve around creative experiences such as Bambino Art, Bambino Music, Bambino Chef, Bambino OLE (Outdoor Learning Experiences), Bambino Fitness and Bambino ME Time. Infants will be in the best hands of a team of highly qualified Infant Curriculum Specialists, Infant Educators and Infant Caregivers, supported by Infant Mentors and the Odyssey Music and Art Specialists.

Bambino Art

Bambino Music

Bambino Chef

Bambino OLE

Bambino Gym

Bambino ME Time