Congratulations to Ms Sophia Koh, Curriculum Specialist at Odyssey Wilkinson, who has won the ECDA Awards for Excellence in Early Childhood Development 2016 – Outstanding Early Childhood Teacher Award. Every year, the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) recognises educators and programmes in Singapore for the quality of work, the dedication to the children and their contributions to the industry.

Ms Sophia currently teaches the Kindy 2 class and has more than 5 years of experience in teaching both Early Years and Preschool.   Her winning formula is evident from her teaching philosophy, namely Environment, Parents, Competent Children and Teachers as Facilitators of Children’s Learning.

To Ms Sophia, children are competent learners, thinkers and problem solvers who construct their own knowledge, and teachers are facilitators of the child’s learning by engaging them in experiential and exploratory learning within the environment.  Partnership between parents and school is another area in which Miss Sophia invests her time in. In Miss Sophia’s eyes, parents are seen as partners, working with the teachers, in supporting their child’s learning.  As teaching professionals, educators can assist the parents in helping them to understand their child’s learning by constantly communicating with them, sharing advice on routine care and deriving strategies in extending learning techniques that parents can incorporate at home so as to further their child’s learning and development.

Ms Sophia also spends time in playing and interacting with her children so as to get to know them better and to observe their learning process, which will be communicated to their parents and brought up during team discussions to see what could be enhanced in the child’s learning.

Her belief in life-long learning had instilled in her the discipline to complete her Diploma in Teaching, a Diploma in Leadership, Degree in Early Childhood Education while attending workshops on education methodology and customer service all within the span of six years.  As a Curriculum Specialist, she also mentors new teachers in skills and teaching competencies. This additional scope helps her to share her experience in teaching and parents partnership with her new teachers, a scope that Miss Sophia gladly takes on with cheer.

Her qualities and teaching philosophy, in addition to her cheerfulness and positive work attitude had helped her to clinch the Outstanding Early Childhood Educator’s Award 2016 … an achievement that Odyssey is proud to share in.